Sarco designs and produces sustainable uniforms for UZ Gent

After more than 8 years, UZ Gent, one of the most renowned hospitals in Europe, has taken the step to purchase a new clothing line. Time for something entirely new. A comfortable cut, uniforms made from sustainable raw materials and a look that fits perfectly with the branding of this hospital. A challenge tailored to Sarco.

The professional approach of UZ Gent allowed us to work out an optimal proposal.
Because sustainability throughout the entire chain is becoming increasingly important, we have opted for Ecogreen©, a sustainable fabric that is composed of (rPet, polyester fiber made from) recycled PET bottles, and Lyocell (Tencel), a cellulose fiber that (in an environmentally friendly production process in which trees are replanted each time) is made from wood pulp. The Lyocell (Tencel) fibers make the clothing flexible, moisture-absorbent, and feel soft and light.
The project became a success and UZ Gent made a video about the implementation of the new clothing:

UZ Gent logo