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Sarco NV (hereafter referred to as ´Sarco´), with registered office established at Orlaylaan 14-18, 9140 Temse, Belgium, is responsible for this cookie policy. For all questions and/or comments, you can contact Sarco at the above-mentioned address or via the e-mail address

  1. General
  2. What are cookies, exactly?
  3. How can you refuse or manage the use of cookies on Sarco´s website?
  4. Cookies used
  5. Acceptance of cookies
  6. The Sarco Privacy Policy

1. General

Sarco finds it important that you can look at, listen, read or experience its website and online content from any place and at any time, via a wide range of media platforms. Sarco also wants to work on an interactive online experience and services that are tailored to you. Sarco´s website and online services use technologies that make this possible, for example with the help of cookies and scripts. For the sake of convenience, these technologies are hereafter referred to as cookies. In this cookie policy, Sarco wishes to inform you about which cookies are used and why this is done. It is further explained to what extent you – as an internet user – can control their use. Sarco especially wishes to guarantee as far as possible both your privacy and the user-friendliness of its online services. Sarco has tried to keep this policy as simple as possible.

This cookie policy applies to Sarco´s website, which is accessible via, and all ´Sarco online services´, in particular all (mobile) apps and internet services that Sarco offers and which give access to Sarco content.

In principle, the cookies do not collect any personal information that would enable Sarco to (potentially) identify a user. Unless you have logged in on our website or in some other way provided us with your name or other data, we cannot link any cookie to your identity. If some of the collected data would still make it possible to identify you or establish a link with you as a natural person, these data qualify as personal data and in that case the information (including about your various rights) such as explained in our Privacy Policy is also applicable to these processing operations by the cookies. Sarco will also never try to collect more information than is necessary for assuring the optimal use of its website and the provision of its services.

Sarco can change its cookie policy at any time. This can occur, for example, within the framework of changes to its services or the applicable legislation. The amended policy is then announced on Sarco´s website and applies as of the moment it is announced.

2. What are cookies, exactly?

Cookies are small data or text files (computer code) which are automatically installed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or use a (mobile) application. The cookie file contains a unique code with which a website can recognise your device and browser during the visit to the website or online service, or during successive, repeated visits. Cookies can be installed by the server of the website or app that you visit, but also by the servers of third parties that collaborate with this website or app.

In general, cookies facilitate and speed up the interaction between the visitor and the website or app and help the visitor to navigate between the various parts of a website or app. Cookies also allow the owner of a website or online service to know what device (PC, smartphone, tablet or other) visited certain pages of a website or viewed particular online ads. In this way, cookies help website owners to identify their website´s most popular pages and to make the website more user-friendly.

3. How can you refuse or manage the use of cookies on Sarco´s website?

You can refuse the installation of cookies via your browser settings. At any desired moment you can also remove the already-installed cookies from your computer or mobile device, as follows (external links):

If you disable cookies, you must consider that certain graphic elements may look less nice than they would otherwise, or that you may not be able to use certain applications. Below you will find a list of all the types of cookies that Sarco uses on its websites.

4. Cookies used

Sarco makes use of functional, analytical and marketing cookies in order to ensure that your visit to the website takes place as optimally as possible and to improve our website and service provision for our visitors and customers.  For example, certain cookies give us insight into how you use our site and how we can make the website and our services better and more customer-friendly. Below you will find a summary of the various cookies that Sarco uses on its website, based on the purpose for which they are installed.

4.1. Functional or necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary so that our website can function optimally and you can enjoy all of the functionalities that are associated with it. For example, these cookies ensure that you can log in to your account without having to enter your account data all over again each time, that your country and language preferences are retained, that your browser settings are stored for an optimal display on your screen, etc.

These cookies are installed directly by Sarco itself and are not shared with third parties; the necessary and functional cookies include e.g.: hasj_js or Drupal cookies.

4.2. Analytical cookies

These cookies help us gain insight into various aspects of how our website is being used. For this we use cookies developed by third parties (such as Google Analytics) so that we can analyse how often our website is visited, in what way and via which means. These data and insights enable us to adapt our website so that we can make it better and more user-friendly for our users. For this we use, amongst other things, the IP address of our users (which we do not link to the personal data or identity of a particular person or customer), technical settings linked to the visitor (such as his device, internet browser, resolution and language preference), the frequency and visited pages on our website, the number of visitors at any given moment and the length of these visits, etc.

These cookies are installed primarily by third parties; the analytical cookies include e.g.: Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, Google Maps.

For more information about the functioning of these cookies, please consult the privacy and cookie statements of these third parties, such as those of

4.3. Marketing cookies

These cookies collect information on the surfing behaviour of users in order to make advertisements and marketing communication more relevant for the user and his interests. Sarco uses these cookies in order to adapt and improve recommendations, promotions and ads of ourselves or third parties for its different users. We use cookies of third parties in order to be able to improve the content of our marketing communication and to be able to reach users and customers in a better and more targeted manner.

Marketing cookies keep track of which products and/or services were shown to you, how often, as well as those on which you have already clicked. In this way Sarco also gains insight into which ads or marketing communication actually led to an order, or when users most frequently react to marketing communication. This allows us to better evaluate the effectiveness of ads and the behaviour of users after having seen an ad.

These cookies are installed primarily by third parties; the marketing cookies include e.g.: Facebook Pixel, Google Advertising, Google Universal Analytics.

The third parties use these cookies in order to collect information on the user´s interaction with our website, such as the pages that are visited, the length of the visit and the links that are clicked on. However, these parties can also collect information for their own purposes. Given that this cookie policy does not apply to the use of your personal information by third parties, we recommend that you consult the privacy and cookie statements of these third parties. These are:

5. Acceptance of cookies

Unless you have chosen to disable cookies (in your browser or in some other way), you accept the use of cookies by making use of our website or online services after you were informed of our cookie policy via the ´cookie warning´ during the first visit to our homepage. Note that, if you choose to disable cookies, certain functionalities of our website may be affected.

Most website browsers allow cookies to be disabled or refused. How you can do this depends on the specific browser that you use. You can generally find instructions to disable cookies under the ´Help´ menu of your browser. If you do this you can still use our website, but with more limited functionalities.

For more information about disabling cookies or (permanently) removing them, please consult the applicable hyperlinks under article 3.

6. The Sarco Privacy Policy

In some cases, the use of cookies can entail the processing of your personal data. Our
privacy policy offers you more information about what data we collect from you and process, how we deal with them and what your rights are.