About Sarco

Sarco is a Belgian family business through and through, specialised in the design and production of trendy professional clothing for healthcare and companies in a wide range of sectors. Sarco strives to create the best possible clothing for professionals, clothes in which your employees feel good and can work comfortably. With a professional look.


Sarco has the entire process under its own management. Design, product development, logistics and quality control are all done from the modern headquarters located at the former Boel shipyards in Temse.

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The production site in Tunisia manufactures the clothing for Sarco, which means we can offer greater flexibility, better delivery times and naturally can also guarantee constant quality.

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Each year SARCO puts over 900,000 items of professional clothing onto the market. And we do so with respect for people, the environment and society. We fulfilled various ISO standards (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015) and our annual CSR report can be found here.

We comply with this extensive sustainability charter:


Since 1945 - for three generations now! - Sarco has been producing professional clothing for the entire healthcare sector, retail sector and cleaning companies.

Here´s how it all began: